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My name is Joe Almirantearena. I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my website, where I guarantee you'll find plenty of helpful information to assist you in purchasing your new home or refinancing your current Long Beach mortgage. I am a Long Beach Mortgage Consultant serving all of Long Beach, and the surrounding areas.

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Purchasing Long Beach real estate will most likely be the largest financial transaction of your life. Unfortunately, most people enter into this transaction blindly and make mistakes that may cost them tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their Long Beach mortgage.

Although sharing these secrets may not make me popular with the other Long Beach mortgage lenders, I am more concerned that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when shopping for a Long Beach mortgage. So, I have created a free guide that contains extremely valuable information designed to help you avoid costly mistakes when navigating the Long Beach mortgage process.

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Long Beach Real Estate

If you're planning to buy your next home, your first home, that dream home, a condo, vacation home, investment property or looking for Long Beach real estate, you will find that this site is a complete resource full of insider secrets that will allow you to choose the Long Beach mortgage program best suited to your financial needs.

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I make it fast and easy for all kinds of people-including first-time homebuyers, small business owners, and homebuyers with perfect or less-than-perfect credit to get the Long Beach mortgage you need for the home you want.

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Make sure you register to receive my Free Homebuying Guide and Insider Mortgage Reports, browse my Resources section, fill-out a FREE No-Obligation Secure Online Loan Application, or call me in my Long Beach office at 800-785-4952. I am here to help you with all your Long Beach mortgage needs.

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long beach mortgage,long beach real estate,long beach california real estate,long beach refinance,long beach home loan

Before you leave, make sure you review the California Home Buying Resources, Insider Reports and Long Beach Mortgage Calculators. All are designed to help guide you through the home buying process so you avoid making costly mistakes.

Long Beach Mortgage Report:

I want to include an example of one of our FREE reports that can help you avoid a common mistake made when buying a home:

Don’t Believe Every Rate You See!

If you’re a savvy consumer, I’m sure you’ve seen many nationally-branded companies advertising ridiculously low rates. Despite the fact that rates have hovered near extraordinary lows for an extended period of time, many of the largest national lenders routinely tout rates that simply seem “too good to be true.”

In fact, they are exactly that, at least for the overwhelming majority of borrowers. Certain nationally advertised companies also promote incredibly low closing-cost fees. Don’t get sucked in, though, and don’t believe the hype... these advertisements are, in fact, not credible at all.

The average consumer is typically not aware that these advertised rates and costs rarely, if ever, apply to their personal situation. Worse yet, after investing the time and energy into the Long Beach mortgage process with one of these misleading lending institutions, consumers rarely realize the hidden fees, costs, and percentage points that they will end up paying, until it’s virtually too late.

As a well-informed borrower, how then, can you avoid such pitfalls? Where can you find the truth???

First of all, you need to realize that every lending institution or Long Beach mortgage company uses the same pool of lenders. In other words, a handful of entities control all the available money that can be borrowed, and the end result is that your Long Beach refinance or purchase loan actually comes from the exact same sources, no matter who actually provides you with that solution. So, if it’s the same money, how can they charge so much less?

The answer is simple: THEY CAN’T. Many of these companies initially entice you with artificially deflated low rates and closing costs, only to “inform” you later that you actually don’t “qualify” for that special promotion because you don’t have a FICO score of... Or, you don’t already own 85% of the equity in your home. Or, whatever...

By then, you’ve already invested a considerable amount of time and effort, and you want to get on with your life, so you just say “OK” and go along with their program. The result is that you actually could end up paying MORE, since you were on your own to evaluate the hundreds of programs that may be available to you, and did not have an experienced professional really evaluate your personal situation and explain the best available options.

Long Beach Mortgage Commentary:

Many consumers have been calling asking about the interest rate drop.  The answer is, "Yes, the rates are at all time lows for 30 year fixed rate programs."  There are so many questions out there about refinancing that all I can say is give me a call at 800-785-4952.

Along with these low interest rates, real estate prices have dropped so much in the last year, I think if you're on the fence, now is the time to act.  Buying a home is more affordable now than it has been in several years.  Take advantage of it.

We service clients statewide, including every city and town in California.  Long Beach Refinance | Long Beach California Real Estate | Long Beach Real Estate | Long Beach Mortgage

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long beach mortgage,long beach real estate,long beach california real estate,long beach refinance,long beach home loanlong beach mortgage,long beach real estate,long beach california real estate,long beach refinance,long beach home loan
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What others are saying...
The thing that I like most about Joe is that he's just so easy to work with. He always returns my phone calls, and is quick to get back with me if he doesn't have the answer to my questions right away. Working with Joe is a no brainer.

Timothy D. - Monterey
Working with Joe was such a pleasure. Everybody else wanted us to roll in all our debt that was on low interest rate cards. Joe showed us a way to lower our Long Beach mortgage payments and use the extra funds to pay off our debt sooner.

Cliff O. - Moraga
You kept in touch, and got everything done fast.

Francis Q. - Avenal
Informed is the word I would use to describe this entire Long Beach mortgage process.  You always let us know what was happening, and were quick to figure out solutions to obstacles.  I also loved the welcome basket you sent me when we got the keys.  Overall, it's been a great experience.

Craig T. - North Long Beach
The Customer Service is what got me from the very beginning. Joe answers the phone or gets right back to me, and was always willing to give me the best possible advice when it came down to my prize investment. Second to none!

Nancy G. - Laguna Niguel
When the bank finally accepted the offer I was pinching myself.  I never thought I could get such a great deal on this house.  Thank you so much for all of your insights and suggestions.  Not only did the escrow go smoothly, but I feel like I couldn't have done it without you.

Jennifer C. - Long Beach
I would like to add that I almost had to cancel the deal at the very last minute due to a sudden illness in my family overseas. When I notified Joe that my father had taken ill and I needed to cancel or postpone the Long Beach refinance, Joe's first and only concern was my father's health and well-being. Joe wished me a safe trip to Argentina and sent his prayers with me. Fortunately, my father's health improved, I was able to remain in California long enough to get the deal done, and also, when I returned, there was a gift basket wrapped and awaiting my arrival sent from Joe.

Roger T. - Long Beach
Joe you made this Long Beach refinance process so easy for us. Thank you for taking the time to really explain the different ways that Long Beach mortgages work. Thank you.

Paul C. – Long Beach

We initially started our Long Beach mortgage with Joe, and were lured away with the promise of lower closing costs and a lower interest rate. My wife and I were first time home buyers and were naive to the whole process. All we were looking for was a shot at the American dream. Well three weeks before closing, the loan officer we left Joe for called us and told us he could not get our Long Beach mortgage approved, and panic set in. We called Joe, and within days he had our Long Beach mortgage approved and got us into our first home with zero out of pocket. Joe, we apologize for jumping ship in the beginning, and are thankful you were there in the end. You helped us achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership, and we can't say thank you enough. God bless you and your family.

Richard S. - Wilmington

Thanks so much for all of your help and pampering. I couldn't have done it without you two.

Leslie T. - Compton

Thanks again. You have been very reliable throughout this whole process. I hope I didn't stress you out too much. If I have anymore questions I will let you know, but I think we are ready to go sign. This whole process has been a roller coaster of emotions, and Sarah and I are both thankful that you were there to ride it with us. If you ever need a recommendation for another customer, please let me know. We handled this entire process through email and I think there is a lot of value in that. I will certainly have positive feedback if you ever need it. Thanks again.

Clifford J. - San Pedro